Press release

Award for Dr. Lucas Schneider

Dr. Lucas Schneider has been awarded the Heinz-Bethge Prize for Materials Science 2022. He received the prize for his outstanding dissertation on "Realizing topological boundary modes in bottom-up constructed magnetic nanostructures on superconducting surfaces".

Lucas Schneider conducts research in the Cluster of Excellence "CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter" and completed his dissertation in the research group of Prof. Roland Wiesendanger. The research group focuses on nanometer-scale science and technology based on scanning probe methods (SPM). In particular, the researchers investigate the fundamental relationships between nanostructure and nanophysical properties. To this end, they apply various microscopy techniques to different classes of materials, including metals, semiconductors, insulators, superconductors, magnetic materials, molecular thin films, and biological systems. With its award, the Heinz-Bethge Foundation recognizes special contributions to the advancement and development of electron microscopy. Thus, papers can be submitted that focus on theoretical or experimental contributions to microstructure elucidation using microscopic or electron microscopic techniques. The prize will be presented at the Foundation's Annual General Meeting in Halle.


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