Helium-4 Bath Cryostat STM

The system build in an accoustic chamber and on a separate foundation provides an UHV-environment in which STM and STS can be performed at T=6 K and in magnetic fields up to B=6 T perpendicular and up to B=2 T parallel to the sample surface. Samples can be exchanged in-situ. Sample preparation and characterization equipment contains a mobile load-lock, heaters up to 2000 K, evaporators and a LEED/Auger-system. The STM-noise is about 1 pm in z-direction and the energy resolution is about 1 meV.


  • Ultra high vacuum
  • Low temperature down to 6 K
  • Magnetic field, 6 T
  • Contamination rate < 1 adsobate per 500x500nm per week
  • Fe evaporator