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research bild kleinWe use the simple, isotropic and largely parabolic conduction band of InSb to study the influence of electron-disorder and electron-electron interactions on the appearance of the local density of states.
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AFM on Biological Systems

research bild kleinWith the ongoing progress in scanning probe techniques, nanometer- and even atomic-scale imaging became possible on a variety of different samples. On biological systems, however, the resolution is often limited by the intrinsic softness of the investigated materials. read more >

MFM on Manganites and High Tc-Superconductors

research high-tc kleinWe use magnetic force microscopy to investigate magnetic phenomena on the micro- and nanometer scale. Our research focuses on fundamental aspects in the fields of surface and interface magnetism as well as applications to new magnetic data storage devices. read more >

 Theory of AFM and Nanotribology

research bild kleinOur research activities concentrate on the investigation of the basic contrast mechanisms of atomic force microscopy (AFM). Various physical effects concerning this issue are strongly correlated to the field of nanotribology.
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