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N. Mikuszeit Diploma Thesis
PhD. Thesis
M. Schult Diploma Thesis
E. Y. Vedmedenko Habilitation Thesis
R. Wieser PhD. Thesis
N. Mikuszeit MMM_2005 50th Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
October 30-November 3, 2005, San José, California, USA
  Eisenerz_2006 International Workshop "Nanomagnets by Self-organization"
October 8 11, 2006, Province of Styria, Austria
N. Mikuszeit DPG_2006 DPG - spring meeting of the Division Condensed Matter
EPS - 21st General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division
March 26 - 31, 2006, Dresden, Germany
E. Y. Vedmedenko Dipole Model See the effect of an external field on a model of point dipoles on a square lattice (i.e. the ground state is degenerated).
  Multipole Simulation See a simulation of Dipole-Octopole switching in an external field. Apart from the additional octopole moment  it's like the above simulation. Hence, the third-order moment forces row-wise switching resulting in a non-zero coercive field.
  Disc of dipoles I Monte Carlo simulation of dipoles on a disc with kBT=0.9 J, i.e. above TC. Observe the long time correlation in the perpendicular magnetisation.
  Disc of dipoles II Like the one above but with kBT=0.1 J. The simulations starts directly after decreasing the temperature (higher disorder).  While most of the spins loose their fluctuations and go more in-plane, the vortex core goes out-of-plane.
N. Mikuszeit Package Collection This archive contains several functions, which should make life a little bit easier.
  DisplayMultipoles functions to display arrays of individually rotated spherical harmonics; for Mathematica 5.2 (5.5 MB).
  DisplayMultipoles functions to display arrays of individually rotated spherical harmonics; for Mathematica 6.0 (2.5 MB).
  Example Notebooks To explain the packages.
  Self-EnergyOfChargedTrapezoid Integration of the Poisson equation to get the self-energy of a homogeneously charged trapezoid.


Micromagnetism OOMMF The NIST free software for micromagnetic simulations
Mathematica fast binary This is a Mathlink program for a fast import/export of binary data into Mathematica.
As reading of binary data is implemented in version 5.1 or higher, this program is only required for older versions, as the binary package was really slow, though it still runs under version 5.2 without problems.
  MathGL The nice 3D viewer from Jens-Peer Kuska
C/C++ bcc32 The command line compiler of Borland.
  lcc32 ...and so is this one
Fortran g95 This is a free FORTRAN95 compiler
Editors Smart Editor Professional 3.0 Freeware A free editor for almost everything