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Model of point dipoles on a Penrose lattice
Monte Carlo simulation of an in-plane system
Monte Carlo simulation of a canted system (like above but with different anisotropy constants K1 & K2)
Switching of a nanowire via a transverse domain wall. The magnetisation direction of the wall is rotating.
...now with a vortex domain wall.
Transverse wall pinned by perpendicular anisotropy. The energy of the now forbidden precession is converted into spin waves.
Simulated field strength (logarithmic) of a Co-square surrounded by Py
Field direction of the above simulation
Like above, but with a gap between Co and Py
...again with a gap.
Pure 4-spin coupling
Pure Biquadratic coupling
Solution for a soliton collision
Bz above perpendicular magnetised discs in a Kagome lattice
Interacting quadrupoles on a triangular lattice.

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