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VT-STM We use a variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope for our experiments. It works in ultra-high vacuum (10-10 mbar) at a temperature range from 30 to 300 K and includes standard vacuum components as pumping units and for sample preparation.

VT-STM In this system we installed sample stages for sputtering and annealing of highly pure metallic and semiconducting substrates. After preparation of atomically flat substrates thin layers of organic and metallic adsorbates are deposited.

VT-STM On the right, a direct view of the real experimental setup of the microscope is given. Whereas the whole setup already rests on pneumatic damping legs the microscope itself is mounted on an eddy current damped table.


For further experiments we will have access to a LT-STM system for molecule and atom manipulation as well as for high precision local spectroscopy.

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