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Implementation of temperature in micromagnetic simulations

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Here you can download the source code of thetaevolve. It is an additional evolver class for the program OOMMF. OOMMF was written mainly by M. J. Donahue and D. Porter from NIST.

With this evolver temperature is introduced as an additional parameter in the simulation of a magnetic system. The standard Landau-Lifshitz equation is hereby altered to a stochastic differential equation of the Langevin type.

thetaevolver has been developed and tested with OOMMF 1.2alpha3 on a Linux system with AMD-Kernel. It has also been run without any problems on a True64 Unix platform.

This source code is published under the GPL (GNU general public license). So anyone is free to download, use and modify it to her/his own needs. See copying.txt for details.

thetaevolve.tar.gz contains the files thetaevolve.h, thetaevolve.cc, thetademo.mif2, readme.txt and copying.txt.

Download thetaevolve.tar.gz

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