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300mK-UHV-scanning-tunneling-microscope- facility with 14T magnet

The unique power of spin-resolved scanning tunneling spectroscopy (SP-STS) is its ability to give direct access to the spin-resolved local density of states (LDOS) of the electron system of conducting solid surfaces with a high spatial and energy resolution. The high spatial resolution is basically guaranteed by the working principle of an STM for all temperatures. A high energy resolution requires low temperature systems.

Figure below gives an overview of the facility. The main part of the system is a 3He evaporation refrigerator in a bottom loading cryostat which was built by Oxford Instruments Superconductivity. It contains a superconducting single coil magnet and the home-built low temperature STM.

sketch of the microscope

The home-built STM head has been designed to be as small and compact as possible in order to make it less susceptible against vibrations.

Drawing of the STM

More detailed informaton are given in:

A 300 mK ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope for spin-resolved spectroscopy at high energy resolution
J. Wiebe, A. Wachowiak, F. Meier, D. Haude, T. Foster, M. Morgenstern, and R. Wiesendanger,
Review of Scientific Instruments 75 4871 (2004)
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