Funding Period 2009/2010



The design, synthesis, and control of metallic, semiconducting and molecular nanostructures with nano- and molecular-scale precision as well as their theoretical understanding at a microscopic level are key factors for advances in NANO-SPINTRONICS. Our research programme will concentrate on three centralareas:

  1. Metal-based NANO-SPINTRONICS,
  2. Semiconductor-based NANO-SPINTRONICS, and
  3. Molecular-/atomic-based NANO-SPINTRONICS.

These research areas are closely linked to each other. A strong focus will be put on the development of methods to prepare, detect, measure, control, and selectively manipulate the magnetization and spin states at the nano-scale or even at the single- molecule level in order to achieve desired functions. In parallel, new theoretical concepts and methods for modeling nano-scale spintronic systems and devices will be developed.

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