SFB 668


SFB 668

Aktuelles Veranstaltungen "European Symposium on NANOSPINTRONICS"

"European Symposium on NANOSPINTRONICS"




Thursday, June 17, 2010:

  9.00 Opening of the Symposium
H. Gundelach (Senator for Science & Research, Free & Hanseatic City of Hamburg)
D. Lenzen (President, University of Hamburg)
  9.30 W. Wernsdorfer (Grenoble):
“Molecular spintronics using single-molecule magnets and carbon nanotubes”
(Keynote Lecture)
  10.20 Coffee Break
  10.50 D. Gatteschi (Florence):
“Nanomagnets: entangling quantum and classic“
(Keynote Lecture)
  11.40 G. Aeppli (London):
“Nanospintronics using common organic dyes”
(Keynote Lecture)
  12.30 Lunch Break
  14.00 T. Dietl (Warsaw):
“Nanoscale phase separations in dilute magnetic semiconductors”
(Keynote Lecture)
  14.50 A. Khajetoorians:
“Single atom spin detection of quantum magnets embedded in a semiconductor”
  15.20 J. Jacob:
“Spin-filter cascades in InAs heterostructures”
  15.50 Coffee Break
  16.20 S. Mendach:
“Rolled-up spin wave resonators”
  16.50 O. Eriksson (Uppsala):
“Nano-magnetism and magnetisation dynamics from atomistic theory”
(Keynote Lecture)
  17.40 J. Wiebe:
“Imaging magnetic interactions in nanostructures built from individual adatoms”
  18.10 End of First Day’s Scientific Sessions
  18.30 ERC Advanced Grant Group Leaders’ Meeting
  19.30 Invited Speakers’ Dinner


Friday, June 18, 2010:

  9.00 S. Blügel (Jülich):
“Topologically non-trivial atomic-scale spin-textures at metals surfaces - vidi, reri, intueri”
(Keynote Lecture)
  9.50 A. Lichtenstein:
“Exact quantum tools for nano-magnetic systems”
  10.20 E. Vedmedenko:
“Changing the Limits of Superparamagnetism”
  10.50 Coffee Break
  11.20 F. Steglich (Dresden):
“Heavy electrons: Quantum criticality, superconductivity and spin-related transport”
(Keynote Lecture)
  12.10 A. Schwarz:
“Probing magnetic exchange interactions with atomic resolution”
12.40 Lunch Break
  14.00 B. Dieny (Grenoble):
“CMOS/magnetic integration for memory and logic applications”
(Keynote Lecture)
  14.50 Ch. Klinke:
“Magnetic Nanoparticles in Switchable Devices”
  15.20 C. Gutt:
“Ultrafast magnetic scattering using X-ray free-electron lasers”
15.50 Coffee Break
  16.20 E. Coronado (Valencia):
“Design of magnetic molecules for nanospintronics”
(Keynote Lecture)
  17.10 J. Bachmann:
“Molecular Magnets on Surfaces”
  17.40 J. Brede:
“Spin- and energy-dependent tunneling through single Phthalocyanine molecules with intramolecular spatial resolution”
18.10 End of Scientific Sessions
19.00 Reception in the City Hall by the Senate of the Free & Hanseatic City of Hamburg
21.00 Closing of the Symposium

The Symposium is co-organized by the DFG Collaborative Research Center 668 "Magnetism from the single atom to the nanostructure", the Cluster of Excellence "NANOSPINTRONICS",and the ERC Advanced Grant Group "FURORE".


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