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28.8.2006, 14:15
Jungiusstr. 11, Pausenraum Mikrostrukturzentrum

Gemeinsames Seminar GrK 1286 / SFB 668

Lihui Zhou (Fudan University, Shanghai, China):

In situ Manipulation and Characterization of Ultrathin Film Magnetism

Ultrathin film magnetism has aroused a great deal of research interest due to its rich physical phenomena and potential technological application. The manipulation and characterization of the spin structures in nm scale or atomic level are the main aims. The talk will present two of my M.S. projects in this field. The first one will be on the manipulation of the structure and magnetism of ultrathin Fe film on an artificially modulated substrate, CuxAu1-x/Cu(001). The structure and magnetism, as a function of the composition of the alloy and the thickness of Fe, have been in situ characterized by STM and Surface Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (SMOKE). The result shows that the magnetism and also other properties can be tailored in nano-scale. In the second project, the attention will be given to the construction of the sub-monolayer-resolved in situ ac susceptometer based on SMOKE. Its application in characterizing magnetism will be shown. Finally, the application by combining these two tools will also be discussed.
Der Vortrag findet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem GrK 1286 statt.

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