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10.5.2016, 17:00
Jungiusstr. 11, Hörsaal AP

SFB 668 - Kolloquium

Prof. R. Stamps (SUPA School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow, UK):

Dynamics of chiral spin systems: soliton lattices, defects and spinwaves

In this talk, I will discuss unusual features associated with chiral interactions and geometries that lead to chiral ordering. A central theme of the talk will be chirality in spin systems?its manifestation as skyrmionic and helicoidal textures, the possibility of its emergence in artificially designed structures, and potentials for its application.[1,2] Interface induced Dzyaloshinskii interactions can have significant effects on domain wall structure and mobility in thin ferromagnetic films. Moreover, spin wave propagation can be strongly affected, especially in regards to scattering from magnetic domain walls.[3] Lastly, I comment on new ways of probing chirality in crystals using a type of electronic vortex state. Electrons in these states carry spin and angular momentum, and have great potential for use in electron microscopy as new types of probes. [4-5] 1. Silva, R. L., Secchin, L. D. , Moura-Melo, W. A. , Pereira, A. R., and Stamps, R. L. (2014) Emergence of skyrmion lattices and bimerons in chiral magnetic thin films with nonmagnetic impurities. Physical Review B, 89. p. 054434 2. Togawa, Y., McVitie, S., Stamps, R.L., et al. (2015) Discrete accumulation of chiral spin solitons. Physical Review B, 92. p. 220412 3. Garcia-Sanchez, F., Borys P., Soucaille R., Adam J.-P., Stamps, R. L. and Kim, J.-V., (2015) Narrow magnonic waveguides based on domain walls. Physical Review Letters, 114 p. 247206. 4. Greenshields C., Stamps R. L., Frank-Arnold, S. (2012) Vacuum Faraday effect for electrons. New Journal of Physics, 14. p. 103040. 5. Greenshields, C., Stamps, R. L., Frank-Arnold, S., Barnett, S. Is Angular Momentum Conserved in Electron Vortex Beams? Physical Review Letters, 113 (10). p. 240404

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