Dr. Christoph Becker

other, group member since 2015
Subgroup: Nano_BEC


Phone: +49 (0)40 42838 - 6297(off); 2309(lab 003); 5570(lab U02)
Fax:       +49 (0)40 4273 - 14763
Email:       cbecker @ physnet.uni-hamburg.de

Postal Address:
Institute of Applied Physics and Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center Hamburg
Jungiusstr. 9A, Room:  114(off); 003(lab); U02(lab)
D-20355 Hamburg


A cavity optomechanical locking scheme based on the optical spring effect
P. Rohse, J. Butlewski, F. Klein, T. Wagner, C. Friesen, A. Schwarz, R. Wiesendanger, K. Sengstock, and C. Becker,
Rev. Sci. Instr. 91 103102 (2020)
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Combined feedback and sympathetic cooling of a mechanical oscillator coupled to ultracold atoms
P. Christoph, T. Wagner, H. Zhong, R. Wiesendanger, K. Sengstock, A. Schwarz, and C. Becker,
New Journ. Phys. 30 093020 (2018)
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A millikelvin all-fiber cavity optomechanical apparatus for merging with ultra-cold atoms in a hybrid quantum system
H. Zhong, G. Fläschner, A. Schwarz, R. Wiesendanger, P. Christoph, T. Wagner, A. Bick, C. Staarmann, B. Abeln, K. Sengstock, and C. Becker,
Rev. Sci. Instr. 88 023115 (2017)
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Al2O3-films on Ni3Al(111): a template for nanostructured cluster growth
C. Becker, A. Rosenhahn, A. Wiltner, K. von Bergmann, J. Schneider, P. Pervan, M. Milun, M. Kralj, and K. Wandelt,
New Joaurnal of Phsics 4 75 (2002)
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Preferential cluster nucleation on long-range superstructures on Al2O3/Ni3Al(111)
C. Becker, K. von Bergmann, A. Rosenhahn, J. Schneider, and K. Wandelt,
Surface Science 486 L443 (2001)
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