Micha Elsebach

Ph. D. Student, group member since 2014
Subgroup: STM/SP-STM


Phone: +49 (0)40 42838 - 7046(off); 4385(lab)
Email:       melsebac @ physnet.uni-hamburg.de

Postal Address:
Institute of Applied Physics and Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center Hamburg
Jungiusstr. 9A(off); 11A(lab), Room:  116(off); 015(lab)
D-20355 Hamburg


In Situ Synthesis of Metal–Salophene Complexes on Intercalated Graphene
M. Elsebach, E. Sierda, J. Goedecke, L. Bignardi, M. Hermanowicz, M. Rohde, R. Wiesendanger, and M. Bazarnik,
J. Phys. Chem. C 124 4279 (2020)
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Probing Weakly Hybridized Magnetic Molecules by Single-Atom Magnetometry
E. Sierda, M. Elsebach, R. Wiesendanger, and M. Bazarnik,
Nano Lett. 19 9013-9018 (2019)
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Atomically resolved magnetic structure a Gd-Au surface alloy
M. Bazarnik, M. Abadia, J. Brede, M. Hermanowicz, E. Sierda, M. Elsebach, T. Hänke and R. Wiesendanger,
Phys. Rev. B 99 174419 (2019)
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On-Surface Oligomerization of Self-Terminating Molecular Chains for the Design of Spintronic Devices
E. Sierda, M. Abadia, J. Brede, M. Elsebach, B. Bugenhagen, M. H. Prosenc, C. Rogero, M. Bazarnik, and R. Wiesendanger,
ACS Nano 11 9200 (2017)
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Toward Tailored All-Spin Molecular Devices
M. Bazarnik, B. Bugenhagen, M. Elsebach, E. Sierda, A. Frank, M. H. Prosenc, and R. Wiesendanger,
Nano Lett. 16 577 (2016)
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