Dr. Lucas Schneider

Scientific Staff, group member since 2014
Subgroup: STM/STS 300mK


Phone: +49 (0)40 42838 - 3051(off); 2039(lab); 3301(lab)
Fax:       +49 (0)40 4273 - 14763
Email:       luschnei @ physnet.uni-hamburg.de

Postal Address:
Institute of Applied Physics and Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center Hamburg
Jungiusstr. 9A, Room:  115(off)
D-20355 Hamburg


Majorana modes with side features in magnet-superconductor hybrid systems
D. Crawford, E. Mascot, M. Shimizu, L. Schneider, Ph. Beck, J. Wiebe, R. Wiesendanger, H. O. Jeschke, D. K. Morr, and S. Rachel,
npj Quantum Materials 7 117 (2022)
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Correlation of magnetism and disordered Shiba bands in Fe monolayer islands on Nb(110)
J. J. Goedecke, L. Schneider, Y. Ma, K. Ton That, D. Wang, J. Wiebe, and R. Wiesendanger,
ACS Nano 16 14066 (2022)
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Precursors of Majorana modes and their length-dependent energy oscillations probed at both ends of atomic Shiba chains
Lucas Schneider, Philip Beck, Jannis Neuhaus-Steinmetz, Levente Rózsa, Thore Posske, Jens Wiebe, and Roland Wiesendanger,
Nature Nanotechnology 17 384 (2022)
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Structural and superconducting properties of ultrathin Ir films on Nb(110)
Ph. Beck, L. Schneider, L. Bachmann, J. Wiebe, and R. Wiesendanger,
Phys. Rev. Materials 6 024801 (2022)
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Topological Shiba bands in artificial spin chains on superconductors
L. Schneider, P. Beck, T. Posske, D. Crawford, E. Mascot, S. Rachel, R. Wiesendanger and J. Wiebe,
Nature Physics 17 943 (2021)
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Spin-orbit coupling induced splitting of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in antiferromagnetic dimers
P. Beck, L. Schneider, L. Rózsa, K. Palotás, A. Lászlóffy, L. Szunyogh, J. Wiebe, and R. Wiesendanger,
Nature Communications 12 2040 (2021)
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Atomic-scale spin-polarization maps using functionalized superconducting probes
L. Schneider, P. Beck, J. Wiebe, and R. Wiesendanger,
Science Advances 7 (4) eabd7302 (2021)
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Controlling in-gap end states by linking nonmagnetic atoms and artificially-constructed spin chains on superconductors
L. Schneider, S. Brinker, M. Steinbrecher, J. Hermenau, T. Posske, M. dos Santos Dias, S. Lounis, R. Wiesendanger, and J. Wiebe,
Nature Commun. 11 4707 (2020)
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Magnetism and in-gap states of 3d transition metal atoms on superconducting Re
L. Schneider, M. Steinbrecher, L. Rózsa, J. Bouaziz, K. Palotás, M. dos Santos Dias, S. Lounis, J. Wiebe, and R. Wiesendanger,
npj Quantum Materials 4 42 (2019)
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Al2O3-films on Ni3Al(111): a template for nanostructured cluster growth
C. Becker, A. Rosenhahn, A. Wiltner, K. von Bergmann, J. Schneider, P. Pervan, M. Milun, M. Kralj, and K. Wandelt,
New Joaurnal of Phsics 4 75 (2002)
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Preferential cluster nucleation on long-range superstructures on Al2O3/Ni3Al(111)
C. Becker, K. von Bergmann, A. Rosenhahn, J. Schneider, and K. Wandelt,
Surface Science 486 L443 (2001)
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